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    Homes in Ventura County are at all times high, don't let those extra dollars slip away.

    The home owners I help save $7,500 on average when they close. That's money you could use for new furniture, updated paint & carpets, or a new bathroom remodel.

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    Dan was such a huge blessing helping us sell our home in Ventura. We moved across the country and it gave us so much peace knowing that we had Dan there to handle everything for us. Thank you Dan!

    - Chad and Samantha Anderson

    Dan was very responsive to our questions. Very professional. I highly recommend Dan Morelli for your real estate needs. Handle all of our needs honestly and professionally.

    - Diane Sonnenberg

    Dan helped us find our first home in Ventura CA. We love our new home and appreciate Dan’s help in making the buying process easy for us.

    - Jared and Carli Wilson

    Dan, helped us both sell a home and to buy a home....his involvement was very important in both acquisitions. He also has a great deal of experience with remodeling homes and we used his expertise here as well.

    - Mike Biedebach

    Dan is a great realtor, he truly cares about finding you the best home for your family. He is a fast communicator and a great negotiator. You can’t beat Dan’s experience!

    - Shirley Santana

    Dan have helped me over the years buying and selling homes. His is an experienced realtor rolled up his sleeves and went to work for me. I couldn't recommend him enough.

    - Jaime S.

    Being a great agent is about knowing the area, the property stock and the people

    I’ve seen Ventura county’s change beyond recognition and thousands of
    properties come and go. Having access to this


    Save more of your hard earned dollars with my discounted sellers fee.

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    No hard sales here, it's important that my clients feel comfortable and educated from start to finish.


    Looking for a new home? I can help you find the perfect property while we sell your home.


    I've lived in Ventura County over 30 years, and love serving the community I've raised my children in.

    Save $7,500 Or More

    A 1.5% Sellers Fee Could Save You Thousands When You Sell

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